Customer Relations

Pam was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but after visiting Colorado as a teenager, she knew this was the place she wanted to live. Originally a teacher by profession, her work with children led her to a job at Keystone Resort. She worked at the daycare there for many years.

That job grew into running the front desk at the daycare. When it was time to move on the increasing pull to work with animals led her to another kind of front desk, at a veterinary hospital. It was there she first met Dr. Denisa Court. She is very happy to be reunited with Dr. Court and provide the best customer care to the clients and pets at Farmers Korner Veterinary Hospital.

The pull to be with animals has also led her to rescue several and she currently lives in Georgetown with her dogs, cats and even a parrot. She enjoys taking many walks with her dogs and when able gets a little crafty.